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SMM: I Don’t Care Anymore

Photo by Tom Leu

What do you really want? Really… And how READY are you to go get it?

If you’re simply hoping and wishing and wanting things to come true, or come through for you right now… Stop.

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Care enough to care less about the end result, and start to care more about the EXECUTION of the steps of the journey, necessary to get there. Not obsessing about outcomes is not the same as not wanting, or not working toward them. Emotionally detaching from the outcome of your endeavors ironically enhances the likelihood that they’ll be realized.

Care less about what you think others think about you. They’re not thinking about you nearly as much as you think they are. Most of them are nobodies from nowhere and are much more worried about themselves rather than you.

Few ever thought the no-name drummer from the prog-rock band Genesis could successfully replace Peter Gabriel as the lead singer of the band back in the mid-70’s. Even fewer would have bet that the balding and bearded time-keeper would go on to a mega-successful career as a singer/songwriter, and solo artist. Phil Collins beat the odds, and went against all odds, by having the balls and the talent to move into his new role despite the plethora of naysayers.

“I don’t care what you say | I don’t play the same games you play | I don’t care what you say | We never played by the same rules anyway”~ Phil Collins

the shiFt:

When free from the worry and wonder if you’re doing the right things at the right times, the right answers and necessary actions begin to come naturally. Appropriate reactions and effective responses to what happens to you are the key elements that actually foster future success. It’s about being ready and being prepared no matter what…

So regardless of where you’re at right now… the message is this: “It ‘aint over.” There’s going to be another day with other opportunities and challenges just on the horizon.

The question shouldn’t be: ARE you ready?

The question should be: How READY are you?

Stay tuned-in…

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