SMM: Go Your Own Way**

A “Sound Matter Moment” Author Malcolm Gladwell, in his great book Outliers, discusses at length, the legendary band Fleetwood Mac’s now-famous career arc, and rise to fame, as an illustration of the – often – very long time it takes to truly become great at something. To become a master practitioner. The group slugged it out…

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SMM: Who Are You

A “Sound Matter Moment” Who are you… really? What do you love to do? And do you stay true… to that? What are you passionate about? Do you know, or are you still figuring it out? Are you doing it, or are you faking it? Are you making progress, or are you making excuses? Are…

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SMM: I Don’t Care Anymore

What do you really want? Really… And how READY are you to go get it? If you’re simply hoping and wishing and wanting things to come true, or come through for you right now… Stop. Care enough to care less about the end result, and start to care more about the EXECUTION of the steps of the journey,…

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SMM: Time Waits For No One**

A “Sound Matter Moment” I’m always looking for overlooked deep tracks to feature on Sound Matters Radio, I discovered the undiscovered gem, “Time Waits for No One” from the Rolling Stones’ 1974 It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll album while listening to the excellent, The Deep End Radio Show with legendary radio host, Nick Michaels. This moody Stones tune…

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SMM: Everybody Wants Some

C’mon, be honest. You’ve been there… Air-guitaring in the mirror, singing in the shower, steering wheel drumming and driving… It’s a universal passion. Everybody wants some, because everybody wants to be a rock star… so-to-speak. But while not everyone is destined to be onstage, everyone has the potential to be a “rock star” in the real-world, on their own stage……

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SMM: The Pretender

We’ve all got just two choices: 1) Get in the game and play, (or) 2) Give into the game and pretend. It’s really that black and white… The “game” is your one and only life that includes your endeavors, your careers, your pursuits, your passions. Those things that mean the most to you, but require the…

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SMM: Communication Breakdown**

It matters little how good you are at your art, your business, or your craft; if your communication skills suck, your endeavors will suffer significantly. Distance. Depth. Balance. All important concepts when considering effective communication…

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SMM: Once Around the Ride**

Over time, things build upon themselves, and suddenly you’re looking around and realizing that you’re actually getting somewhere. A very good place to be…

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