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(SMx-tS03): Radio Show Ready or Not

“Radio Show, Ready of Not”… How the hell did I go from working as a DJ on a country music radio station, to getting my own rock ‘n roll-type talk radio show on the air in just a few months, and what’s to learn from that (i.e. why should you care…)?

talking shiFt = to Change – to Challenge – to Learn – to Grow & Improve – using principles of Communichology™ = the Intersection where Communication & Psychology collide.

**I help kick your business or personal brand to the next level by sharing choice words on change to chuck the vices, devices, or distractions to get unstuck and out of ruts. Through my writings and stories from the world’s of rock & roll and recovery, I shiFt the conversation by calling out careless and complacent communication, bad behavior, and poisonous pop culture psychology. Purpose: To grow and improve; to contribute more than you consume. Why-the-hell-not?

Stay tuned-in…

RC13: Tony Harnell
076: Tony Harnell #1

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