SMM: Under Pressure

A “Sound Matter Moment” Here’s a high school Chemistry class question: What happens to matter when you reduce the volume or the space of the container it’s in? The answer: The pressure inside goes up. So the smaller the space = the greater the pressure. For many, their worlds, and world (views) are very, very small;…

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SMM: I Don’t Care Anymore

What do you really want? Really… And how READY are you to go get it? If you’re simply hoping and wishing and wanting things to come true, or come through for you right now… Stop. Care enough to care less about the end result, and start to care more about the EXECUTION of the steps of the journey,…

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SMM: Just Got Lucky

A “Sound Matter Moment” Everyone’s heard the aphorism: Be careful what you wish for… you just might get it. Some call it “getting lucky.” Others call it hard work. Sometimes it’s a little bit of both as indicated by the equation: Luck = Preparation + Opportunity. I agree with this formula, BUT… it’s also important to…

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