020: Jerry Dixon & RIPT

June 03, 2017 Episode #020 of the Sound Matters radio show features RIPT in the studio just back from their big gig in Florida over Memorial Day Weekend, Rockford’s Local Music Scene updates with 96.7 The Eagle’s Kevin McCarthy, and Tom’s interview with bassist, Jerry Dixon of Warrant. All Sound Matters Radio episodes conclude with Tom’s signature Sound Matter Moment….

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SMM: I Don’t Care Anymore

What do you really want? Really… And how READY are you to go get it? If you’re simply hoping and wishing and wanting things to come true, or come through for you right now… Stop. Care enough to care less about the end result, and start to care more about the EXECUTION of the steps of the journey,…

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013: RAMI Organization

April 01, 2017 Episode #013 of the Sound Matters radio show kicks off spotlighting classic albums released this week in music history by Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Skid Row, and the Scorpions. Tom interviews Dan Eisman and Debbie Akre from the Rockford Area Music Industry (RAMI) organization and gets some behind-the-scenes insights about the group’s past, present, and future. Each Sound…

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