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020: Jerry Dixon

Jerry Dixon of Warrant

Jerry Dixon of Warrant

June 03, 2017

Episode #020 of the Sound Matters radio show features RIPT in the studio just back from their big gig in Florida over Memorial Day Weekend, Rockford’s Local Music Scene updates with 96.7 The Eagle’s Kevin McCarthy, and Tom’s interview with bassist, Jerry Dixon of Warrant. All Sound Matters Radio episodes conclude with Tom’s signature Sound Matter Moment.

On This Episode:

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  2. Interview with RIPT’s Chuck Stout, Tim Speer, & Greg Utley
  3. Rockford’s Local Music Scene with Kevin McCarthy from 96.7 The Eagle
  4. Sound Matters Spotlight: Allman Brothers Band (“Midnight Rider”), Warrant, Louder, Harder, Faster, 2017 (“Only Broken Heart”)
  6. Sound Matter Moment… “I Don’t Care Anymore”

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Jerry Dixon of Warrant – Photo by Tom Leu

Inside the Interview:
02:44 – On the fact that Warrant has recorded 9 studio albums…
03:44 – On the evolution of Warrant’s songwriting…
04:26 – On Jerry’s contributions as a songwriter in recent years…
05:17 – Is there a favorite song on the new album that Jerry either wrote or co-wrote…
05:58 – About the song “Only Broken Heart”… it’s influence and genesis…
07:28 – On working with Jeff Pilson (producer of the latest Warrant album)…
08:41 – On Jerry & Erik Turner’s record label Down Boys Records… 
09:20 – What drives Warrant to still put out full albums…
11:02 – On Jerry’s longest tenure in Warrant and why he’s never left the band…
12:29 – What are some great, but overlooked Warrant songs that deserve more attention…
13:50 – On Warrant’s “black years,” Jerry’s reflections on Jani Lane, and the final reunion…
17:02 – On alcohol, alcoholism, AA, and recovery…

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RIPT – Photo by Tom Leu

A ‘Sound Matter Moment’ >>

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