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SMM: Human Behavior

The ego has the power to fuel you and fool you simultaneously.

The ego is what drives the best and worst of all human behavior.

Yes, there’s a time and a place to super-charge the ego. But there’s also a time and a place to keep it in-check. It’s a balance that’s elusive to say the least…

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It’s each of our jobs to figure out which is where and when. This requires having strong intrapersonal communication skills… i.e. self-awareness… it’s so important, it can’t be overstated.

Great accomplishments are born from the confidence produced by positive ego. We all have strengths and assets to be harnessed and maximized for the betterment of ourselves and others. Fearlessness is a form of power. And it’s never been easier to put yourself out there and share your wares and what you have to offer with the world.

Great deficits are bred from the negative and delusional ego that people suffer from sometimes. We all also have weaknesses and liabilities to be recognized and minimized for the betterment of ourselves and others as well. Honest, self-appraisal produces freedom, which is another form of power.

An inability to get consistently honest about one’s true assets and liabilities is the great plague of most human behavior.

Those who get this (typically the 5% as I refer to them) and have the ability to alter the ego, have a unique advantage over those who do not. And this advantage should never be underestimated or squandered, but should in fact, be exploited.

Beware. Be aware.

“Little do we really know | The river ego deep and wide | So the crime we find is just human behavior | Everybody’s in the line” ~ King’s X

Stay tuned-in…

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