King’s X

081: Jerry Gaskill

May 22, 2019 Sound Matters episode 081 features Tom’s conversation with King’s X drummer, singer, and songwriter, Jerry Gaskill. As one of my favorite bands of all time, the criminally underrated, King’s X, getting the opportunity to speak with drummer Jerry Gaskill, was a big thrill for me. I have every album the band has…

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SMM: Human Behavior**

A”Sound Matter Moment” The ego has the power to fuel you and fool you simultaneously. The ego is what drives the best and worst of all human behavior. Yes, there’s a time and a place to super-charge the ego. But there’s also a time and a place to keep it in-check. It’s a balance that’s elusive to say…

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SMM: Groove Machine

Musicians can often be overheard talking about the word groove with respect to playing music. A “groove” is a flow, a feeling, a familiar path that musicians get “locked into” when creating sounds that can literally move people. A groove is hard to explain but easy to understand when you’re feeling it. To groove is positive. But…

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005: Jack Russell #1

February 04, 2017 Episode #005 of the Sound Matters radio show goes behind the scenes and uncovers some little-known facts about The Beatles infamous “rooftop concert” this week in 1969, and following the “Foreigner model,” Tom shares his thoughts on acts who tour with or without original members. Tom’s in-depth interview with Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s…

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