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SMM: Groove Machine

Musicians can often be overheard talking about the word groove with respect to playing music. A “groove” is a flow, a feeling, a familiar path that musicians get “locked into” when creating sounds that can literally move people.

A groove is hard to explain but easy to understand when you’re feeling it. To groove is positive. But to really learn how to “groove” takes practice.

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Our thought processes and habits of thinking are made up of grooves as well. We all have well-traveled roads, deep ruts, trenches, and tracks in our minds that guide not only our thinking, but our behavior. These well-worn paths and patterns of thinking affect every aspect of our lives.

“Music, oh music, such a funky thing | The closer you get, the deeper it means” ~ King’s X

Our minds are like machines and our thoughts are things that have energy.

It’s not superstition; it’s science. It’s not just philosophy; it’s fact.

So monitor your thoughts and manage your emotions to maintain a healthy outlook on your life. Always look for, and get into a groove that gives more than it takes. Remember… what you think about you become. Welcome…

Stay tuned-in…

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