088: Neil Gordon

Sound Matters episode #088 features Tom’s compelling conversation with communications expert and speaker coach, Neil Gordon. Neil’s message is valuable far beyond those who work as professional speakers…

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SMM: Someone Like You

A “Sound Matter Moment” Adele’s monster hit song from 2011, “Someone Like You” shot a jolt of electricity directly through me within seconds of hearing it for the very first time. This very rarely happens… It stopped me dead in my tracks with no choice but to listen, and just feel it… and then negotiate the pending emotions produced. Perhaps it was…

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SMM: Sound of Silence

A “Sound Matter Moment” It matters little how good you are at your vocation or avocation; if your communication skills suck, the rest of your overall impression and impact will suffer. Many talented musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs have remained in obscurity, or the greats have fizzled far too fast due to poor interpersonal communication skills. Simon & Garfunkel’s moody and melancholy hit,…

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SMM: Say What You Will

You’ve heard the maxim: “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.” B.S. I say… that statement is missing the mark significantly because it’s only partially right. It’s not only what, but how you say it… AND when (or if) you say what you say that truly matters most. It’s not enough to say the right things… You also…

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SMM: Caress of Steel**

A”Sound Matter Moment”  Communication is an engine; an engine that propels the skilled communicator to greater opportunities and improved outcomes.  The best communication skills are strong and solid… and distinctly different than hard and rigid, BUT ALSO have the ability (and natural properties) to be soft and flexible at times, especially when the heat is on. Often, the…

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SMM: Mob Rules**

Whether it’s a business, a brand, or a band, content-creators must approach their endeavors from a content-consumer’s point-of-view. Customize your communications to conform to their psychology. The challenge is to find that magical sweet spot between your need to create and their want to consume…

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SMM: Communication Breakdown**

It matters little how good you are at your art, your business, or your craft; if your communication skills suck, your endeavors will suffer significantly. Distance. Depth. Balance. All important concepts when considering effective communication…

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