SMM: Mob Rules**

A “Sound Matter Moment”

Whatever you do or sell or promote, progress is all about successfully marketing to the “mob.”

It’s about the people… a collection of people who dig what you do and choose to support you… (i.e. listen to you, “follow” you, become fans, “like” your pages, attend your events, and ultimately, “buy” your stuff).

Whether it’s a concert, a conference, or a cause… or an audience online or on-air… In our increasingly on-demand world, there’s still something special that happens when groups of people come together (physically and emotionally) and share an experience.

Some say it’s about fitting your product or service into an existing market… to infiltrate.

Others say it’s about creating a new product or service for a market that does not yet exist… to innovate.

I believe both are correct and have merit. Either way, your job is to find out what your mob wants, now or in the future, and then give it to them in your own unique and fascinating way.

“An artist may have burdens the ordinary citizen doesn’t know, but the ordinary citizen has burdens that many artists never even touch.” ~ Patti Smith

Whether it’s a business, a brand, or a band, content-creators must approach their endeavors from a content-consumer’s point-of-view. Customize your communications to conform to their psychology. The challenge is to find that magical sweet spot between your need to create and their want to consume. Just because you love it, doesn’t mean they’ll buy it.

Remember, the mob doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be. So whether you’re selling track shoes, 8-tracks, or eight-balls; accumulating customers, clicks, or likes… it HAS to be about the mob, because in the end… the mob rules.

Photo by Tom Leu

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Tom Leu, MS/CPC is a Professional Speaker, Writer, Radio Host, & Photographer. A member of the National Speakers Association, Tom talks shiFt™ about Communications, Psychology, Recovery, & Rock 'n Roll. His writings, presentations, images, & interviews uncover layers within music, culture, & communications.

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