076: Tony Harnell

March 09, 2019 Sound Matters episode #076 features Tom’s conversation with Tony Harnell. Tony is an American rock singer, best known for his work with the Norwegian hard rock band, TNT. Tony has an exceptional voice and vocal range which spans over 4 octaves. Together, Harnell and guitarist Ronni Le Tekrø have co-written nine studio albums, and…

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075: Mark Kendall

Sound Matters episode #075 features Tom’s conversation with Mark Kendall from the multiplatinum band, Great White. Mark’s passion and natural abilities got him hooked on guitar

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SMM: Black Gives Way To Blue**

A “Sound Matter Moment” Addiction and recovery, at the core, is first about feelings, or feeling states as it’s been put; and second about behaviors. Managing how you and I feel at any given moment is the great challenge of all human beings. When we feel good, when we feel bad, or somewhere in between… the…

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SMM: Gettin’ Better**

A “Sound Matter Moment” It’s what we’re all charged with… getting better at 1) that which feeds us, and 2) that which ails us. Two important, yet very different things for sure. First, the continual improvement and growth of our talents and skills to elevate our performance in our fields of expertise, be it our…

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SMM: That Smell**

A “Sound Matter Moment” Addiction stinks… You can smell it… literally and figuratively. It stinks literally because of the undeniable stench that often accompanies a chronic user of chemicals of any type. It stinks figuratively because it pollutes most everything around it. It stinks because it’s often brushed under the carpet. It stinks because it’s often…

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SMM: Nothing Else Matters**

Movers and shakers care to take care of themselves ongoing. Because, without mental and physical health… nothing else matters…

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