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SMM: Gettin’ Better

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It’s what we’re all charged with… getting better at 1) that which feeds us, and 2) that which ails us. Two important, yet very different things for sure.

First, the continual improvement and growth of our talents and skills to elevate our performance in our fields of expertise, be it our vocations or our avocations is always necessary and wise. You don’t have to be the best in the world in most cases, but you do need to better than most, and much better if you hope to really stand out.

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Second, typically and simultaneously, we all have shit that ails us… you know, the stuff that keeps us sick; pushes us down, and holds us back from peak performance, or from just accomplishing the many goals and dreams we all have. It’s these things, if not faced and fixed once and for all, that will water down, and ultimately render our talents, not worthless, but worth less… and potentially cause irreversible damage.

Original Tesla co-guitarist Tommy Skeoch first quit the band briefly in the mid-90’s, but was then eventually fired in 2006 for ongoing drug and alcohol abuse issues that affected his once great playing. It’s an unfortunate reality that’s all-too-common not just in rock n’ roll, but in the every other facet of the real-world as well.

The most important job we all have is to get honest about what we’re good at, what we’re not, and most importantly, what we’re willing and able to do to improve where necessary. Easy to say, hard to do, which is why most don’t do it. It’s the difference between the A players and the B players. It’s also the difference between just getting by… to truly getting better and ultimately, getting free.

It starts with each of us individually, and internally. Because you can’t hope to fix the world without fixing yourself first.

Stay tuned-in…

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