SMM: Give A Little Bit

A “Sound Matter Moment” Even though society often teaches the opposite; selflessness is underrated. Everything doesn’t always have to be, nor should it be, all about you (or me), all the time. What I call ‘real-world rock stars’ value service over being served, they give more than they take, they help… they don’t hinder. When we deliberately…

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SMM: I Will Follow

A “Sound Matter Moment” Successful people understand the importance of paying close attention to details; to instructions; to the specific requests and desires of others when asked, and when applicable. They know when and how to… follow directions. Not blindly, but with and for a specific purpose. This is especially important if you want something from someone…

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SMM: Right Now**

I believe in giving more than you take. I believe in adding into, not subtracting from, this one and only life we have. I believe that being territorial and adversarial is the way of the weak…

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