SMM: Right Now**

A “Sound Matter Moment”

There’s a lot written out there about the “what” and the “why” for any topic under the sun… Things we all should be thinking about, doing, and improving upon. It’s good stuff… but it can’t stop there. I always say: good intentions don’t pay the bills. There also needs to be some “how” mixed into the “what” and “why” for it to really matter.

You see, I believe in giving more than you take. I believe in adding into, not subtracting from, this one and only life we have. I believe that being territorial and adversarial is a facade for the fragile, and the way of the weak… So here’s a beginning to “how” you and I can begin moving toward giving, more than taking, right here, right now.

3 actions to take today to make a difference by rocking in the real-world:

1. Lend someone a helping hand. Give a little bit of your time doing something for somebody else. Maybe it’s some manual labor, or maybe it’s just to listen. It doesn’t really matter what it is. Getting out of yourself and focusing your attention on someone else is the key.

2. Spend some time really reading, reviewing, watching, listening, or looking into someone else’s work, projects, or endeavors. And if you dig what they’ve got going on, contact them directly and tell them what you liked about their work. Tell them that all of their efforts, energy, and due diligence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Give them that pat on the back that YOU so often desire. It doesn’t hurt. In fact, it feels really good.

3. Apologize, and make amends to someone you know who deserves it. You know who they are. Stop avoiding it. Stop justifying and rationalizing it… The weight that you’re carrying around by not doing it is far heavier than the weight of just doing it.

So there they are, short and sweet: Help someone. Encourage someone. Apologize to someone. And do it now… **Oh, and do it all without expectation of reciprocation… It’s simple, but not easy.

“Right now | It’s your tomorrow | It means everything” ~ Van Halen

You’ll notice that all of these acts aren’t about yourself. They’re actually about your selflessness.

And that’s the beauty of the program; right here, right now…

Photo by Tom Leu

Stay tuned-in…

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Tom Leu, MS/CPC is a Professional Speaker, Writer, Radio Host, & Photographer. A member of the National Speakers Association, Tom talks shiFt™ about Communications, Psychology, Recovery, & Rock 'n Roll. His writings, presentations, images, & interviews uncover layers within music, culture, & communications.

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