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071: Miljenko Matijevic

Sound Matters episode #071 features Tom’s conversation with Miljenko (Milly) Matijevic, the powerful voice and frontman of Steelheart. Milly and Tom discuss the band’s new live album

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SMM: Give A Little Bit

A “Sound Matter Moment” Even though society often teaches the opposite; selflessness is underrated. Everything doesn’t always have to be, nor should it be, all about you (or me), all the time. What I call ‘real-world rock stars’ value service over being served, they give more than they take, they help… they don’t hinder. When we deliberately…

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SMM: Time Waits For No One**

A “Sound Matter Moment” I’m always looking for overlooked deep tracks to feature on Sound Matters Radio, I discovered the undiscovered gem, “Time Waits for No One” from the Rolling Stones’ 1974 It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll album while listening to the excellent, The Deep End Radio Show with legendary radio host, Nick Michaels. This moody Stones tune…

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SMM: Slave to the Grind

This is about kicking the slave-to-the-grind, and scarcity mentalities to the curb…

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