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069: Chad Cherry #2

November 10, 2018

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Chad Cherry from The Last Vegas

Sound Matters episode #069 features Tom’s latest conversation with vocalist and frontman for The Last Vegas, and The Claws, Chad Cherry. Chad is not only one of the coolest rockers I know, he’s also an accomplished serial entrepreneur, with multiple projects going at all times, including being founder of Chad Cherry Clothing. I was able to catch and shoot The Claws on a trip to LA, and we discuss this plus much more…

Inside the Interview:
02:11 – About Chad’s current band, The Claws from Los Angeles…
09:52 – The latest on The Last Vegas band…
22:13 – About Chad Cherry Clothing…
27:06 – On Chad’s new work in commercial and placement production music projects…
33:26 – About Chad’s film and soundtrack project called Dreaming in Neon…
35:10 – Final thoughts on pursuing your passions, creating opportunities, and dreaming big..

Tom & Chad

Connect with Chad Cherry:
Twitter: (@chad_cherry)
Instagram: (@chadcherry13)
Instagram: (@theclawsla)

The Claws in 2018 | Photo by Tom Leu

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