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001: Mark Dean

January 07, 2017 

Episode #001 of Sound Matters Radio: Music & Entertainment Talk with Tom Leu kicks off with an overview of the new show, its genesis, a description of the kinds of topics and content that will be discussed, and the variety of different segments to expect week-to-week. **This is an interactive radio show and callers will be welcome from the start. Call in, weigh-in, and ask questions of Tom and his guests each week. Tom pays tribute to rock radio legend Bob Coburn of Rockline who passed away in December of 2016, and speaks with veteran music journalist Mark Dean from the U.K. about his long list of big name rock stars he’s interviewed, and what it’s like behind the scenes and backstage with some of rock’s biggest acts. Shows wrap-up each week with a Sound Matter Moment segment featuring excerpts  from the column of the same name.

On This Episode:

  1. Introduction to Sound Matters Radio: Music & Entertainment Talk with Tom Leu
  2. This Week in Music History…
  3. Bob Coburn 1948-2016 (tributes & reflections from artists and fans everywhere)
  4. Interview Guest: MARK DEAN… Music Journalist, Interviewer, & Reviewer from the UK.
  5. 2016 – those we lost
  6. Musician birthdays this week
  7. Artist/Album of the Week… Band of Horses
  8. Sound Matter Moment… “Tribute”

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Bob Coburn

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Behind the Shot: Motley Crue… June 2011 >>

Motley Crue, Milwaukee, WI 2011 – Photo by Tom Leu

A ‘Sound Matter Moment’ >>

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