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Don’t wait. Tomorrow may never come...

A “Sound Matter Moment”

In the debut episode of Sound Matters Radio with Tom Leu, I discussed and paid tribute to Bob Coburn, the rock radio legend and longtime host of the syndicated interview show Rockline, who passed away on December 17, 2016…

In the wake of so many music and entertainment celebrity deaths of late, and the inevitable onslaught of memoriums and tributes to these icons of entertainment, it’s occured to me that many of us could benefit from remembering to pay tribute to our heroes today, rather than tomorrow…

Certainly, honoring those who pass on is an appropriate and necessary act of respect, but all-too-often, it seems like I hear from others, and often feel myself, a recurring remorse resulting from exhalting these folks only after they’re no longer with us. And it’s not just celebrities, but this applies to our own familiy members, friends, and aquaintances as well.

Why does this happen? Are we all just so damn busy with life, working hard, pursuing our own passions and dreams that we sometimes fail to recognize the good stuff right in front of us? Is taking people for granted something we all just take for granted sometimes? Well, speaking for myself, the honest answer has to be yes… at least at times.

So time’s fleeting right? We can all agree that it seems to move way too fast. There always seems to be a shortage of it, and longing for more of it… So it’s worth slowing down, taking some inventory, being present, reaching out and spending time with those in our lives who we respect, love, and appreciate. Not just for what they do, but for who they are… to you and to others. Doing so will always be time well spent.

“You better let somebody love you, before it’s too late.” ~ The Eagles 

Don’t wait. Tomorrow may never come. Pay tribute today.

Photo by Tom Leu

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