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RC06: Wesley Geer

Wesley Geer has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He first found success as the founding member of Jive Records artist Hed P.E. as a guitarist, songwriter and producer. After touring the world for eight years, Wes left the band for a lifestyle change and ultimately landed in rehab. Then in 2010, at almost three years sober, he was approached to play with the legendary band KoRn. He joined KoRn and worked with them as their touring guitarist for the next several years, traveling to 42 countries, headlining shows, and appearing on a number of recordings, cable and TV shows. In 2012, Wes founded Rock to Recovery in an effort to bring a new and unique type of group music expression into treatment centers -by forming a band! The program is designed so that ‘non-musicians’ can access the magic, healing, and uplifting powers of writing and playing music.

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