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RC05: Kevin Polky

Kevin Polky from Shatter Our Silence is a former champion bodybuilder and now a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified School Social Worker, executive coach, former football and strength coach and personal trainer. Kevin and I dive into his personal recovery journey, the good reasons for founding SOS, and impactful strategies for working through the darkness that sometimes affects us all. Kevin has worked with individuals, families, and organizations in areas of Illinois and Wisconsin. Kevin also facilitates men’s groups, conducts workshops and seminars, and serves as a consultant to businesses, schools, and churches. In 2016, Kevin founded Shatter Our Silence a non-for-profit company to increase awareness and educate on the factors that lead to suicide in young adults. Kevin volunteers at local schools and churches, teaching youth and adult classes on a variety of psycho-social-spiritual material. He is active on a variety of non-for-profits board of directors for local agencies. And in addition to all of that… he also happens to be one of my oldest friends.

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