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Movers and shakers care to take care of themselves ongoing. Because, without mental and physical health... nothing else matters...

A “Sound Matter Moment”

Keep your blood clean, your body lean, and your mind sharp.” ~ Henry Rollins

To be competitive personally and professionally, you can’t have your head in the clouds, figuratively or literally. You and I must be clear-minded, consistent, and deliberate. Otherwise, all the best laid plans will derail sooner or later.

History is unfortunately littered with numerous rock stars who couldn’t keep themselves clean and clear, consistent and sober… not even the King of Rock and Roll himself… Elvis Presley beat all the competition, but couldn’t beat his addictions.

Here was a man who possessed all the riches his external reality had to offer, but was apparently pretty bankrupt internally. All the money and material wealth in the world couldn’t cure whatever emotional turmoil and pain he carried.

This fact ultimately cost him his life, and cost the world one of the greatest entertainers and singers of all time, all-too-soon.

So what about you? Are you polluting yourself… your mind, your body, or both? Are you overdoing the vices, devices, or distractions? I know I did… for a long time. But not anymore.

“Open mind for a different view | And nothing else matters” ~ Metallica

the shiFt:

Get honest with yourself. When we lie to ourselves, we’re slowly killing ourselves. Dig deep to uncover and discover that which ails you. The real and true shit that’s likely been holding you back for a long time. You know what this stuff is. You’ve likely known for some time.

Have the courage to look in the mirror and make real changes where necessary. Get humble. Ask for help. It’s work, but it’s worth it. It’s hard, but it’s harder not to.

Movers and shiFters care to take care of themselves ongoing. If you won’t do it for you right now, do it for those you love, or those who love you… eventually it’ll be for you both; it’ll be for you too. I know; I’ve been there.

Because, without mental and physical health… nothing else matters.

Photo by Tom Leu

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