Judas Priest

070: K.K. Downing

December 01, 2018 Sound Matters episode #070 features Tom’s in-depth conversation with the legendary K.K. Downing, formerly of Judas Priest. Tom and K.K. dive into his great book Heavy Duty, Days and Nights in Judas Priest, where he pulls no punches about his experiences growing up, forming one of the greatest heavy metal bands in history, it’s…

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017: George Lynch #1

April 29, 2017 Episode #017 of the Sound Matters radio show kicks off with a replay of Tom’s interview with Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White. We spotlight three classic albums & tracks tied to this week in music history by Judas Priest, Live, & Van Halen… Tom interviews George Lynch from KXM, Lynch Mob, & Dokken about the latest…

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