effective communication

088: Neil Gordon

Sound Matters episode #088 features Tom’s compelling conversation with communications expert and speaker coach, Neil Gordon. Neil’s message is valuable far beyond those who work as professional speakers…

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SMM: Let It Be

The single most important breakthrough that recovery has provided me is one of self-awareness. To deliberately raise my awareness and honestly look at 1) myself, 2) my behaviors, and 3) my resulting consequences coming from each, is a gift I never knew I needed, nor or wanted. In the AA Big Book, Step 9 reads: “Made direct amends to…

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SMM: Caress of Steel**

A”Sound Matter Moment”  Communication is an engine; an engine that propels the skilled communicator to greater opportunities and improved outcomes.  The best communication skills are strong and solid… and distinctly different than hard and rigid, BUT ALSO have the ability (and natural properties) to be soft and flexible at times, especially when the heat is on. Often, the…

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