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SMM: Stay Hungry**

There has to be a strong “why” behind every “what” in order to foster ongoing action...

A “Sound Matter Moment” 

Getting motivated or inspired is one thing.

Maintaining motivation and sustaining inspiration is another thing all together…

The legendary New York based-band, Twisted Sister, maintained their motivation and commitment to succeed by struggling on the club circuit in the Tri-State area for a full ten years before they “made it.” The band endured multiple line-up changes (10 to be exact) before releasing their first album in 1982.

There has to be a strong “why” behind every “what” in order to foster ongoing action. The good reasons behind any undertaking are what keep us hungry to persevere despite set-backs, disappointments, and disillusionment. You’ve got to believe in your vision even when you can’t feel it.

The enduring motivation necessary to achieve goals requires you and I to empower potential by:

1. Recognizing it – Many people can’t see opportunities around them, even when they are right in front of them.

2. Organizing it – Once identified, put the necessary resources into place to begin producing tangible results. 

3. Harnessing it – Go out and actually do what you’ve recognized and organized; intention without action is useless. 

In the beginning, your goals and dreams don’t have to be the end-all be-all; they just have to be. And then you must believe in yourself enough not to give up; not to check out; not to crumble under the pressure.

Stay hungry, start somewhere, or risk going nowhere.

“Open your eyes and see | There’s no room for the wannabees | The has been’s or the bad.” ~ Twisted Sister

Photo by Tom Leu

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