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127: Nathan James

July 23, 2022

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Sound Matters episode #127 features Tom’s conversation with vocalist Nathan James from the supergroup Iconic and the UK’s Inglorious. Admittedly, I didn’t know much about vocalist Nathan until diving into some research about him and listening to his previous records with Inglorious. Great singer with an ear for melody… this alone is worth checking him out. The new supergroup Iconic’s debut album Second Skin also featuring Michael Sweet, Joel Hoekstra, Marco Mendoza, and Tommy Aldridge is a cut above many of these types of projects put together by Frontiers Records. With the caliber of talent assembled here, my expectations were high. They did not disappoint. This album rocks, and has the hooks present throughout to keep you coming back. I was sure what to expect with Nathan but found him to be charming and transparent. We dig into his old band, this new band, his approach to songwriting and his career, as well his what he feels is misunderstood about him as a person. Don’t miss this one!

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Inside the Interview:

  • Tom’s the 1st and #1
  • Second Skin title
  • Singing with Michael Sweet
  • Recording the album at a distance
  • Sweet’s biggest compliment to Nathan
  • About the song “All I Need”
  • His evolution as a vocalist, performer, and songwriter
  • The need to buy a physical copy of the album
  • Tommy Aldridge and the video shoot
  • The funniest guy in the band
  • His view of the position he’s in today
  • Wishes he was 20 yrs old in 1986
  • Other song Nathan co-wrote on the Iconic album
  • How this project came to exist
  • The moment he decided to become a musician for a career
  • Things he’s learned about the music business so far
  • On being very deliberate and smart about career choices
  • Something people misunderstand about him
  • Advice he’d give his younger self

Connect with Nathan James:

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