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054: Joel Moutray

May 05, 2018

I came across Joel Moutray from The empower_good Podcast via the great expanse known as the internet, and was really taken by his passion and enthusiasm for putting and positivity out into the world (which also happens to be a foundational purpose of this show…). Joel joins me on Sound Matters to talk about the genesis of the podcast, the good reasons why he’s producing it, being a lifelong learner, contribution and selflessness, and much more…

On This Episode:

Sound Matters Radio INTERVIEW guest: Joel Moutray from The empower_good Podcast

Episode #054 – The Podcast: (also on SpotifyiTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, & Spreaker)

Tom & Joel Moutray from empower_good


Inside the Interview:
01:00 – The mission of Sound Matters & perhaps The empower_good Podcast by proxy…
– Why do an “Episode 000” of the podcast, and what is that all about?
– What’s the overview and vision of the podcast?
– Why go to all the “trouble” to publish a podcast?
– How do you balance wanting to be altruistic (selfless) and building a brand/business?
– What’s an area that Joel needs to improve in to grow and achieve?
– What can people do when they get out of balance with work/life?
– Current books and/or podcast recommendations?
31:43 – What would be your first question if you were interviewing you?
– What do some people misunderstand about Joel Moutray? 

Connect with Joel Moutray & The empower_good Podcast:
Website: www.empowergood.org
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/empowergoodpodcast
Twitter: www.twitter.com/empower_good
Instagram: www.instagram.com/empower_good 

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Until we meet again… Stay tuned-in…

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