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042: Highlights & Hits (1 Yr)

January 06, 2018

Sound Matters show #042 is the ONE YEAR Anniversary episode of Sound Matters Radio broadcasting on 1440 WROK out of Rockford, IL, and available as a podcast. Tom and his several guests celebrate and discuss the show’s origins, evolution, and recap a successful inaugural year entertaining matters in music, communication, and motivation.

On This Episode:

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  2. Guests: Sound Matters show engineer, producer, & co-host Christian Leu, WROK Program Director Joe Dredge, Rockford’s Local Music Scene’s Kevin McCarthey, Christian White from Suite Oblivion, Chuck Stout and Ringo Nelson from RIPT.  
Tom, Kevin McCarthy, & Joe Dredge from Townsquare Media
Tom & Chris White from Suite O’
Tom & Christian Leu

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