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032: Aryn Jonathan Black

September 30, 2017

Sound Matters episode #032 features Tom’s interview with Aryn Jonathan Black, lead singer of the great Austin, TX based rock band Scorpion Child. Tom and Aryn spoke in the spring of 2016, just before the release of the band’s second album, Acid Roulette. Conversations get into discussions about his musical influences, comparisons, perspectives on performing live, touring, and his even lessons learned in the music business along the way. Show #032 concludes with Tom’s signature Sound Matter Moment

On This Episode:

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  2. INTERVIEW Guest: Aryn Jonathan Black of SCORPION CHILD
  3. Sound Matter Moment… “Who Are You”
Aryn Jonathan Black of Scorpion Child

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Inside the Interview:
02:06 – On the release of Scorpion Child’s second album Acid Roulette
03:23 – How was the writing and recording process different on this record? 
05:13 – On Scorpion Child’s lyrical content…
07:14 – On the overall concept and genesis of Acid Roulette… 
11:15 – On the band helping complete the song ideas musically…
12:22 – On spiritual overtones in Aryn’s lyrics…
13:50 – About Scorpion Child’s cover of “Hole In The Sky” by Black Sabbath…
15:16 – On comparisons to Led Zeppelin…
17:59 – On Scorpion Child live…
20:27 – What has Aryn learned about the music business in recent years…
22:25 – Scorpion Child on the road… 

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