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010: Hair I Go Again

March 11, 2017

Episode #010 of the Sound Matters show opens with a deep dive into the legendary band Boston, and the late vocalist Brad Delp in this week’s artist spotlight. >> Tom also interviews the filmmakers of the music documentary Hair I Go Again to talk about the film’s genesis, the 5 year journey to complete the film, and their current band, Bullet In The Chamber. Each Sound Matters show episode concludes with Tom’s signature Sound Matter Moment.

On This Episode:

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  2. Sound Matters Spotlight: Boston – RIP Brad Delp (2007) – Track: “Hitch A Ride”
  3. Interview Guests: KYLE KRUGER & STEVE McCLURE, filmmakers of the rock doc HAIR I GO AGAIN, which features music from their band Bullet In The Chamber – Track: “Hold My Head Down” (live)
  4. Sound Matter Moment… “Caress of Steel”

Inside the Interview:
03:38 – What’s the film about and what’s its genesis? 
04:50 – Where did the idea to do a film (about the old band) come into play? 
05:51 – Is it common for films to evolve into something different than intended? 
07:03 – Tom’s take on what the film is and isn’t, and who its for…
08:08 – On their 80’s band Tryxx… 
08:44 – On the Tampa, FL & Hollywood, CA scenes in the late 80’s… 
15:19 – On the numerous rock ‘n roll celebrities featured in the film…  
18:03 – On their take on the resurgence of 80’s & 90’s rock music…
22:16 – On the birth of their current band Bullet In The Chamber… 
23:44 – On Ron Keel’s role as producer and what it was like in the studio… 
25:48 – On the current Bullet In The Chamber line-up and changes…
29:17 – On the Hair I Go Again film tour 2017…
34:23 – “Hold My Head Down” excerpt from Bullet In The Chamber…

Connect with Kyle Kruger & Steve McClure at Hair I Go Again & Bullet In The Chamber:
Hair I Go Again Film:
Bullet In The Chamber:
Twitter: (@HairIGoAgainDoc)
Instagram: (@hairigoagaindoc)

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