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SMM: Dare You To Move

I get it.

You get down. You feel out… sometimes, right? You get stuck in ruts… don’t we all… ?

But this doesn’t have to mean you or I, have to be down and out all the time.

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Winners in the game of life aren’t victims; always blaming. Winners are victors; always beginning again. Winners exchange excuses with extra effort and then get after it. Every day, in every way.

I dare people to move, to apply all of the common sense so many often proclaim. Just as others have dared me to do the same…

I’m daring you to reach for higher levels of performance and achieve whatever it is you aspire to achieve. Despite the naysayers, the keyboard commandos, the critics, and the trolls who don’t do shit but attempt to shoot holes in others’ who’re actually moving and shiFting.

the shiFt:

Moving requires taking initiative and being proactive.

It requires being honest with yourself first and foremost. Without this honesty, nothing else matters.

It’s about embracing effective intrapersonal communication skills; meaning looking inward, understanding, owning, and adjusting where necessary, your unique psychology.

It’s then about executing effective interpersonal communication skills; meaning getting “smarter” when interacting with others, and with respect to social intelligences as evidenced by the outcomes you produce with all whom you interact.

That’s a mouthful. And, as a result, this is hard to do.

This is also often uncomfortable. And therefore, this stuff is often avoided.

B and C players avoid, and are ultimately imprisoned.

A players dive directly into the void understanding that freedom is on the other side.

Winners willingly choose to live outside of their comfort zones much of the time.

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” ~ Robert Allan

Winners also recognize that this is the place where true growth occurs.

We don’t grow when we’re comfortable. We grow when our pain is sufficient enough to WANT to make necessary changes.

“The tension is here | Between who you are and who you could be | Between how it is and how it should be” ~ Switchfoot

So, I dare you to move… to go into the void… outside of your comfort zone… 

And, to go inside the vantage point where “seeing things” clearly begins…

Dare You To Move… it’s the tag line. It’s also the call to action.

Your move…

Stay tuned-in…

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