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Suite Oblivion Band

Since forming in 1997, Suite Oblivion has set its own pace; its own mood. The music is rock and it’s mainstream; it’s heavy and it’s commercial. The band finds ways to uncover cool textures by mixing soaring vocal harmonies against punchy, groove-laden rock foundations. All the elements come together on this one to deliver great rock/pop music that will have you singing and jamming along right from the start.

“Straight-forward, in your face, FUN, rock-n-roll! Everything works together on this one … the music, the lyrics, the whole attitude of the album. Just one listen and you’ll find yourself singing at least one tune when you least expect it. In light of today’s musical offerings of boy-bands, teenie bop girl artists, or angst-ridden groups, Suite O’s SHINE is a breath of fresh air. My particular fave — ‘RED.’ Get this one … it’s more than worth the cost of the CD!”

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