015: Susan Masino

April 15, 2017

Episode #015 of the Sound Matters radio show kicks off with headlines in music and entertainment news, and spotlights two classic albums & tracks tied to this week in music history by Van Halen & Ozzy Osbourne… Tom also interviews accomplished music journalist, author, and paranormal researcher SUSAN MASINO. Each Sound Matters Radio episode concludes with Tom’s signature Sound Matter Moment

On This Episode:

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  2. Sound Matters Spotlight: Van Halen’s Diver Down 1982 (“Hang ‘Em High”), Ozzy Osbourne’s Speak of the Devil, 1982 (“Fairies Wear Boots”)
  3. Interview Guest: Author, Music Journalist, & Paranormal Researcher SUSAN MASINO author of AC/DC FAQ and THE STORY of AC/DC: LET THERE BE ROCK
  4. Sound Matter Moment… “One In A Million”

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Susan Masino’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/masinosusan – and main website: www.susanmasino.com 












Inside the Interview:
00:34 – Susan’s extensive bio and history with Tom…
02:20 – On living in Savannah, GA…
03:11 – About Susan’s latest book AC/DC FAQ
04:40 – On Susan’s first encounter with AC/DC in 1977…
05:46 – On writing the screenplay for Susan’s first book Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy
06:55 – Susan’s encounters fielding advances from Bon Scott & Angus Young back in the day…
07:43 – Transcriptions and audio recordings of Susan’s second interviews with AC/DC…
08:20 – Giving copies of The Story of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock to Malcolm & Angus Young…
12:45 – On Susan’s busy, busy schedule…
13:42 – Susan’s book writing process…
16:43 – On Susan’s book Family Tradition – Three Generations of Hank Williams
17:42 – What is Susan’s favorite AC/DC lineup?
17:56 – Susan’s take on the current status of AC/DC with Axl Rose on lead vocals…
21:55 – On Susan’s book The Secrets of the Universe and her history and interest in the paranormal…
23:10 – On Susan and her son’s connection to the Titanic…
26:13 – What does Susan say to skeptics of the paranormal…?
29:10 – On Susan’s recent stand-up comedy endeavors…
30:00 – New book projects in the works…?

Connect with Susan Masino:
Website: www.susanmasino.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/masinosusan

A ‘Sound Matter Moment’ >> www.soundmatters.tv/one-in-a-million

Photo by Tom Leu

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> Until we meet again… Stay tuned-in…

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