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108: Jeff Pilson #2

Jeff Pilson from Foreigner, Dokken, & The End Machine

April 04, 2021

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Jeff Pilson from Foreigner, Dokken, & The End Machine

Sound Matters episode 108 features Tom’s conversation with Jeff Pilson from Foreigner, Dokken, The End Machine, and Black Swan. Jeff talks about the writing and recording of the 2nd The End Machine album Phase 2 with George Lynch and Robert Mason, the addition of Steve Brown on drums replacing Mick Brown, his role as producer, upcoming projects with Black Swan and Adler, as well as his thoughts on being home for a year, writing books, the possibility of another Dokken album, and much more…

Inside the Interview:

  1. Differences between The End Machine’s self-titled debut and the Phase 2 album… 01:10
  2. On the addition of drummer Steve Brown… 03:03
  3. Standout tracks on “Phase 2” & their origins… 05:01
  4. On being the producer as well as band member… 08:37
  5. On “outdoing” ideas during the songwriting process… 11:17
  6. Reb Beach calling Jeff & the next Black Swan album… 11:37
  7. Avoiding repeating himself during the songwriting process… 16:36
  8. The pandemic & touring… 19:03
  9. Another Dokken record in the future… 22:16
  10. Will there be a Jeff Pilson book someday… 23:19
  11. Upcoming albums/productions… 24:28

Connect with Jeff Pilson:

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