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087: Highlights & Hits (3 YR)

Sound Matters 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode. "Highlights & Hits" show #087 features: Joe Dredge & Riley O'Neil from 1440 WROK, Master Plan, Double T from 96.7, Mitch from Suite O' and many more...

January 04, 2020

Sound Matters 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode.“Highlights & Hits” show #087 features: Joe Dredge & Riley O’Neil from 1440 WROK, the guys from Master Plan, Double T and Mitch from Suite Oblivion, Kevin McCarthy from 96.7 The Eagle, Rob Pace from Drama Queen, , Chuck Stout from RIPT, and Mr. Jeffrey Swanberg.

01:52-12:30 – Joe Dredge & Riley O’Neil from WROK talk disco?

12:30-23:08 – Curt, John, and Jim from Master Plan discuss their new album. 

23:09-34:59 – Double T from 96.7 The Eagle and Mitch from Suite Oblivion talk Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poision stadium tour.

35:00-43:25 – Mr. Jeff Swanberg and the (brief) story about the Stone Front band documentary.

45:11-52:26 – Rob Pace from Drama Queen.

52:55-1:03:13 – Chuck Stout talking new RIPT music, and Kevin McCarthy from Rockford’s Local Music Scene.

1:03:14-1:26:48 – Free for all with all of the above talking over/underrated artists, new favorites, and more…

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