106: Doug Aldrich

Doug Aldrich from The Dead Daisies

March 13, 2021

Sound Matters episode 106 features Tom’s conversation with Doug Aldrich from The Dead Daisies, and formerly of Whitesnake, Dio, Revolution Saints, Hurricane, Lion and many more. Doug shares insights about the latest Daisies album Holy Ground, Glenn Hughes, stories from his many past bands and projects, on being a pro in this business, Tommy Aldridge, what advice he’d give his younger self, and much more…

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  1. Holy Ground by The Dead Daisies… 02:20
  2. Still Got Things to Prove… 06:36
  3. On Glenn Hughes & Lyrics… 09:11
  4. On Lion, Hurricane & Other Projects… 12:50
  5. Chemistry in Bands… 15:58
  6. On Being a “Journeyman” Artist… 22:26
  7. On Tommy Aldridge… 24:44
  8. Advice to Your Younger Self… 29:17

Connect with Doug Aldrich:
The Dead Daisies: www.thedeaddaisies.com
Website: www.dougaldrich.net
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DougAldrich.official/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/douglasaldrichguitar

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Until we meet again… Stay tuned-in… 

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