077: Highlights & Hits (Motley Movie)

March 23, 2019

Sound Matters “Highlights & Hits” episode #077 features a literal “motley crew” of characters in the WROK studio in Rockford, IL discussing the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt recently released on Netflix. Tom and Terry “Double T” Turen and Kevin McCarthy (from 96.7 The Eagle), Mark “Gobble” Jacobson, Mitch Brechon, Chris White, and J-Ro Rostamo (from Suite Oblivion), Christian Leu, & Joe Dredge (from WROK Radio) run down the good, bad, and the controversial about the killer Motley movie, plus get a bit deep as is the norm on the Sound Matters show…

09:17-16:29 – Joe Dredge & Christian Leu on the Motley movie.

18:48-30:07 – Commentary on The Dirt w/Double T, Mitch Brechon, and Mark “Gobble” Jacobson.

31:41-37:32 – Commentary on The Dirt and Motley Crue meetings through the years w/Double T & Mitch Brechon.

39:53-49:43 – Local music scene talk past and present w/Kevin McCarthy, Double T, Mitch Brechon, Christian White, and J-Ro Rostamo from Suite Oblivion.

51:16-1:00:45 – Commentary on The Dirt w/Double T, Mitch Brechon, Christian White, and J-Ro Rostamo including commentary on the timing and political correctness of the Motley movie in 2019…

1:02:45-1:13:33 – On the impact and importance of nostalgia in today’s music industry w/Double T, Mitch Brechon, Christian White, J-Ro Rostamo, and Christian Leu.

1:15:45-1:23:34 – On artist accessibility in the age of the internet w/Double T, Mitch Brechon, Christian White, J-Ro Rostamo, and Christian Leu.

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Until we meet again… Stay tuned-in…


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