055: Highlights & Hits

May 12, 2018

Sound Matters “Highlights & Hits” episode #055 features a triple-header of guests with Tom returning live in the WROK studios in Rockford, IL. First up is Tom’s interview with Rob Pace and Matt Vogt from the band Drama Queen. Next is Tom’s conversation with both Kevin McCarthy from Rockford’s Local Music Scene, and longtime Rockford musician, and multi-RAMI winner, Pat Doherty celebrating the one year anniversary of the RLMS segment on the Sound Matters show. Finally, Tom’s concluding interview with Chuck Stout and Ringo Nelson from Rockford’s RIPT rounds out this special episode…

Guests on this Episode:
00:15-14:36 – Drama Queen band: www.dramaqueenrocks.com 

17:00-32:03 – Kevin McCarthy & Pat Doherty: www.facebook.com/rockfordslocalmusicscene 

32:06-47:57 – RIPT band: www.facebook.com/riptfromrockford 

Episode #055 – The Podcast: (also available on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, TuneIn, & Spreaker)


Tom with Matt Vogt, Rob Pace, & Jro Rostamo from Drama Queen

Tom with Kevin Mcarthy & Pat Doherty

Tom & Chuck Stout from RIPT

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> Until we meet again… Stay tuned-in…

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