003: Thomas Woroniak

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Sound Matters 003:

January 21, 2017

Episode #003 of the Sound Matters radio show takes you behind the scenes at a large online music magazine, features excerpts from Tom’s recent interview with Stephen Pearcy from RATT (full interview featured on Episode #008), and is packed full of the latest music & entertainment news, commentary, and fast facts from this week in music history. Tom also discusses a cool new book that sheds some interesting light on some classic songs that are the soundtrack of our lives. Tom’s interview with Thomas Woroniak of AntiHero Magazine is the featured interview this week. Each Sound Matters radio show concludes with an excerpt from Tom’s weekly Sound Matters column to infuse some motivation and encouragement into the conversation.

On This Episode:

  1. Headline Music & Entertainment News: Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Seger, Glenn Frey, Iron Maiden, Ghost, Howard Kauffmann, NAMM, Jennifer Lopez, Drake, Music Copyright law, Gene Simmons, KISS, & Frank Schier…
  2. Tom talks with Stephen Pearcy of RATT about his new solo album Smash, RATT, Blotzer, and more…
  3. Book Spotlight: Anatomy of a Song: The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits that Changed Rock, R&B, and Pop by Marc Myers
  4. Interview Guest: THOMAS WORONIAK, Editor in Chief, ANTIHERO MAGAZINE & Photographer at >> Thomas Woroniak Photography
  5. Future Publishing buys Metal Hammer, Prog, & Classic Rock magazine brands
  6. This Week in Music History…
  7. Sound Matter Moment… “Once Around The Ride”

>> Episode #0o3 (with Spotlighted music) streaming on Mixcloud here:  


Stephen Pearcy of RATT Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/SEPearcy & main website – https://www.stephen-pearcy.com

Stephen Pearcy – “Smash”

AntiHero Magazine Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/AntiHeroMagazine/ & main website: www.AntiHeroMagazine.com



Inside the Interview:
01:55 – Tom’s background in music & media…
02:46 – On studying music theory in college…
03:43 – Why start an online music magazine?
06:01 – Growth, management, & monetization of an online music magazine…
07:55 – Content & brand building on AntiHero Magazine…
09:24 – Will AntiHero ever be a print magazine?
11:40 – Tom’s concert photography & outlook…
13:01 – Tom’s photography website & name history…
13:56 – Observations from the photography pit…
16:16 – Bucket list bands still to shoot…
17:23 – AntiHero Mag’s 2017 plans…

Connect with Thomas Woroniak:
Website: www.thomasworoniakphotography.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AntiHeroMagazine/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/antiheromag (@AntiHeroMag)
Instagram: www.instagram.com/antiheromagazine (@AntiHeroMagazine)

Behind the Shot: Lajon Witherspoon, Sevendust… July 2012 >> https://soundmatters.tv/behind-the-shot-lajon-witherspoon-of-sevendust/

Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust – Photo by Tom Leu

A ‘Sound Matter Moment’ >> www.soundmatters.tv/once-around-the-ride

Article: “Once Around The Ride” by Tom Leu

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> Until we meet again… Stay tuned-in…

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