Month: November 2017

037: Michael Sweet #3 & Mickey Joe

November 18, 2017 Sound Matters show #037 features a double header of Tom’s interviews with Michael Sweet from Stryper, talking about the latest Sweet & Lynch release, Unified, and changes in the Stryper line-up, plus Mickey Joe of Mickey Joe Music (formerly of Rockford’s Anavox) talking about his new music in 2018 and the Megastar competition. Show…

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SMM: Dare You To Move

A “Sound Matter Moment” I get it. You get down. You feel out… sometimes, right? You get stuck in ruts… don’t we all… ? But this doesn’t have to mean you or I, have to be down and out all the time. Winners in the game of life aren’t victims; always blaming. Winners are victors; always beginning again. Winners exchange…

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036: Freddy Negrete & Steve Jones

November 11, 2017 Sound Matters show #036 features Tom’s interview with Freddy Negrete and Steve Jones, authors of Smile Now, Cry Later: Guns, Gangs, and Tattoos – My Life in Black and Gray. This conversation with both Freddy and Steve deliberately focuses primarily on the journey from recovery to discovery, health, life, and ultimately… giving back. Digging…

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SMM: Patiently

A “Sound Matter Moment” Patience… it’s that thing we’re all told we need to have; at the most inopportune times at times; the times when you want to have anything but… patience. A (noun), patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering. I wrote another Sound Matter Moment previously titled…

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