Month: September 2017

SMM: Who Are You

A “Sound Matter Moment” Who are you… really? What do you love to do? And do you stay true… to that? What are you passionate about? Do you know, or are you still figuring it out? Are you doing it, or are you faking it? Are you making progress, or are you making excuses? Are…

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031: Amy Dresner

September 23, 2017 Sound Matters episode #031 features Tom’s in-depth interview with the hilarious and insightful Amy Dresner, author of the riveting book My Fair Junkie: A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean on Hachette Books. This episode and subject matter represent a more overt shiFt in the direction of the Sound Matters show. Longtime…

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030: Highlights & Hits

September 09, 2017 Episode #030 features conversation, commentary, and insights about cover bands who do it differently, National Recovery Month,, Nikki Sixx and Sixx Sense radio, author Amy Dresner interview preview on show #031, and comedian Don Jamieson interview preview. Show #030 concludes with Tom’s signature Sound Matter Moment… >> A ‘Sound Matter Moment’ >> Episode #030…

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SMM: Sound of Silence

A “Sound Matter Moment” It matters little how good you are at your vocation or avocation; if your communication skills suck, the rest of your overall impression and impact will suffer. Many talented musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs have remained in obscurity, or the greats have fizzled far too fast due to poor interpersonal communication skills. Simon & Garfunkel’s moody and melancholy hit,…

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