Month: March 2017

SMM: Say What You Will

You’ve heard the maxim: “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.” B.S. I say… that statement is missing the mark significantly because it’s only partially right. It’s not only what, but how you say it… AND when (or if) you say what you say that truly matters most. It’s not enough to say the right things… You also…

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012: Kelly Keagy

March 25, 2017 Episode #012 of the Sound Matters radio show kicks of with some highlights from This Week in Music & Entertainment history. Spotlighted artists and tracks this week: Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name” from The Number of the Beast, “Long, Long Way from Home” from Foreigner, “Back For More” from Ratt’s Out of the Cellar, and “Over…

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SMM: Slave to the Grind

This is about kicking the slave-to-the-grind, and scarcity mentalities to the curb…

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011: Mike Tramp

March 18, 2017 Episode #011 of the Sound Matters radio show kicks off with Tom’s inside look at the big business inside the country music business, and highlights the top Country artists of 2016. This week’s Song Spotlight is Jason Aldean’s hit track “A Little More Summertime.” >> Tom’s in-depth interview with former White Lion…

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SMM: The Pretender

We’ve all got just two choices: 1) Get in the game and play, (or) 2) Give into the game and pretend. It’s really that black and white… The “game” is your one and only life that includes your endeavors, your careers, your pursuits, your passions. Those things that mean the most to you, but require the…

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010: Hair I Go Again

March 11, 2017 Episode #010 of the Sound Matters radio show opens with a deep dive into the legendary band Boston, and the late vocalist Brad Delp in this week’s artist spotlight. >> Tom also interviews the filmmakers of the music documentary Hair I Go Again to talk about the film’s genesis, the 5 year journey to complete the film,…

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SMM: Caress of Steel**

A”Sound Matter Moment”  Communication is an engine; an engine that propels the skilled communicator to greater opportunities and improved outcomes.  The best communication skills are strong and solid… and distinctly different than hard and rigid, BUT ALSO have the ability (and natural properties) to be soft and flexible at times, especially when the heat is on. Often, the…

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009: Bill Leverty

Sound Matters 009: March 04, 2017 Episode #009 of the Sound Matters radio show features Tom’s in-depth interview with FireHouse guitarist Bill Leverty talking about Bill’s new solo material, the history of Firehouse, the music business past & present, and more. This episode spotlights Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album, and Alice In Chains classic track “Rooster.”…

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SMM: Nothing Else Matters**

Movers and shakers care to take care of themselves ongoing. Because, without mental and physical health… nothing else matters…

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