Slave to the Grind

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In addition to hosting the Sound Matters radio show, I’m also a photojournalist for a few great online music magazines contributing concert photography, reviews, and interviews with many well-known acts primarily within the rock genre. All of my music journalism, commentary, reviews, and featured interviews are housed on the website.

If you’ve listened to any of the Sound Matters Radio episodes, you’re aware that all shows conclude with a segment I call a Sound Matter Moment which is based on articles I write and publish that include motivational and uplifiting content that I get hired to speak on at businesses, conferences and institutions, and at my own events, both live and online. I mold my messages within the context of music and media, and deliberately harness these areas into an entity designed to encourage and inspire.

You see, I’m an optimist at the core, and I believe we all have untapped potential to overcome and rise above that which ails us, provided we take the necessary action to improve. I’ve always been inspired by those who offer up their experience, expertise, and strategies to help others succeed. And since 2001, I’ve been doing the same…

I use music metaphors and rock n’ roll references pulled from my 30+ years of experience as a musician, concert photographer, music journalist, media personality, and professional speaker to encourage and challenge audiences. My writings and speaking gigs promote a lifestyle, philosophy, and methodology to get unstuck, out of ruts, and refocused on the good stuff of your one and only life.

I practice what I preach and chucked the 9 to 5 (or more realistically in my case, the 8 to 8 oftentimes), and the cubicle incarceration I endured for many years, to finally do exactly what I’m best suited to do. You’re looking at some of it right here.

>> This is rock and roll that’s motivational. If you’re into growing and gettin’ better, then you’ll love this. If you’re a person who chronically pisses and moans, hates everyone and everything, and refuses to make changes by looking at yourself first, then you’ll hate this shit… and that’s OK, but I’ll invite you to click-off right, fucking, now. No harm, no foul because there’s no more time to waste.

And so, there’s no more slave to the grind for me, except the good grind that I create. The majority of my writings on conclude with suggestions to shiFt your outlook, and therefore your outcomes. So here’s what this is…

the shiFt:

THIS is for the 5%.

THIS is about becoming the best at what you do the best.

THIS is about building momentum and shedding mediocrity.

THIS is about setting the bar high, and then elevating the bar even higher.

THIS is about getting honest and getting rid of excuses.

THIS is about being daring, dedicated, and driven.

THIS is about doing what they say can’t be done.

THIS is about being proactive and taking initiative.

THIS is about respecting the past and preparing for the future, while still living in the present.

THIS is about truly “seeing things” and missing less than most.

THIS is about becoming deliberate about your lifestyle and your one and only life.

THIS is about kicking the slave-to-the-grind, and scarcity mentalities to the curb.

THIS is about what the best music ever made has always been about at the core…


“I won’t be the one left behind | Can’t be king of the world | If you’re slave to the grind” ~ Skid Row

Photo by Tom Leu

>> Select articles from the Sound Matters column series are also featured on AntiHero Magazine HERE.

Stay tuned-in…

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