Interview: Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger

Tom Leu | 27 March 2017 | Interviews | 0 Comments    | 240 Total Post Views
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Tom is joined by drummer, singer, and songwriter Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger on SOUND MATTERS Radio >> Episode #012 for an in-depth conversation about Night Ranger’s 12th studio album, Don’t Let Up, his approach to drumming, singing, and songwriting, his several solo projects, and who he’d like to interview if he could…


Inside the Interview:
02:30 – On Night Ranger’s latest album Don’t Let Up
03:07 – On Night Ranger’s experiences making records throughout their career…
04:30 – On self-producing albums these days… 
05:07 – On working with Brad Gillis and Jack Blades all these years on…
05:49 – Is there still pressure to write and record new music these days? 
06:42 – On the song “Truth” from the new album… 
07:25 – What still drives him and Night Ranger at this point in their career?   
08:40 – Does Kelly find it difficult being a drummer and songwriter simultaneously within the band?
10:01 – How do they decide how vocals are handled on Night Ranger songs?
11:17 – On how Kelly approaches drumming within the context of songwriting…
12:32 – What are some great, overlooked songs in the Night Ranger back catalog? 
14:20 – On the future of Kelly’s solo projects with Bill Champlin and with The Mob…
16:44 – Who would Kelly like to interview and why? 


Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger Facebook page – & main website –

Photo by Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP

Connect with Kelly Keagy:
Twitter: (@KellyKeagy)

SOUND MATTERS Radio >> Episode 012 at

Stay tuned-in…

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