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Musician’s Corner: Get Loaded

The Musician’s Corner® > Psychology for Success In Music I was tuned into a rock radio station in southern California once when the DJ mentioned three stages of partying that most bands and musicians pass through: Stage 1 – All fun Stage 2... Read More »
Tom Leu | 16 July 2016 | Musician's Corner® | 1 Comment   

Musician’s Corner: “Seeing Things” the RockStarWay™

The Musician’s Corner® > Psychology for Success In Music The following is an excerpt of my keynote presentation of the same name… this message is designed to be an eye-opener, reminder, and motivator geared for musicians, artists, and bands. I often get asked about my... Read More »
Tom Leu | 16 April 2016 | Musician's Corner® | No Comments   

Musician’s Corner: Are You A Critical Listener?

The Musician’s Corner® > Psychology for Success In Music Unfortunately, too many artists and bands really don’t have a clue when it comes to realistically assessing the quality of their recorded music when submitting for airplay, gigs, or general promotion… the following... Read More »
Tom Leu | 15 March 2016 | Musician's Corner® | No Comments