Book Spotlight: Nikki Sixx-The Heroin Diaries

Tom Leu | 08 December 2015 | Book Spotlights | 0 Comments    | 239 Total Post Views
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Book Spotlight:

The Heroin Diaries (2008) by Nikki Sixx

Let me start with this statement and opinion: Nikki Sixx is, and always has been, one of the coolest rock stars there ever was… he’s the rock star’s rock star – (nice guy too; I’ve met him in ’84 and ’01). Although, in recent years, due to his prolific social media presence and incessant commentary on any number of issues, his popularity has become polarizing to many. Whatever you think of Sixx, this book (that’s been out for several years now), is a great read if you’re intrigued by rock-n-roll history and the excessive lifestyle that often accompanies it.

Ringing with graphic honesty from start to finish (though some challenge its authenticity), the book is a very disturbing read at times. The complexities of a man at the heights of addiction and adulation are literally laid out for us day-by-day. Some of the most entertaining entries in this book are the insights and comments from many of Nikki’s friends and foes, past and present.

The Heroin Diaries gives readers an all-access pass around the world with Nikki and Motley Crue circa 1987. This book’s accompanying soundtrack by Sixx: A.M. is a great rock record showcasing Nikki’s continued relevance in rock-n-roll almost three decades into his career.

And they said it wouldn’t last… what the fuck do “they” know anyway??

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